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November 15, 2012
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I went back to my problematic being after that incident in the forest. I just didn't refuse to do my push ups because I didn't want to end up in the same situation, revealing a little bit of myself to him.
I was still slacking horribly though and he screamed his lounges out at me every single time. By the end of the day his throat was worn out and there was no longer the same sound volume left in him. I liked that. He wanted to break me but I broke him just a little every day.
One night I had trouble sleeping though. I twisted and turned in my bed and feeling how I got more annoyed by the minute. Then Carly peeked down with a tired face.
"Stay still, I'm trying to sleep up here!"
"Sorry, I can't sleep" I whispered annoyed.
She had been my rock the last week, slacked with me and taken punishments with me, but truth be told: I don't think she did it to support me as much as she did it to tease Beilschmidt!
"You know... I think you need to let out some anger and I know just the place where we can do that!"
I looked surprised at her and sat up with a grin "Lead the way"

Shortly after, I found myself in a gym with punching bags and a boxing ring. Carly bounced her way to some gloves and cheerfully handed me a pair. I looked clueless at the items she had placed in my hands.
"Put them on silly!" She said and pulled on her own.
"Are we going to fight?" I asked doubtfully "Because in that case I'm not doing this"
"No dum-dum, we're just here to let out some steam"
"Oh..." I pulled on the gloves and looked at her as she went for one of the big sandbags.
"Come on" She said and held it still "Hit it"
"But... I don't know how"
"Oh come one, you just got to hit it. Like this" She said, hitting the sandbag as hard as she could a few times.
As she stopped and held the bag again I clenched my teeth and pulled my hand back to punch. It felt good as I hit the object, projecting a little of my anger and frustration on it.
"Again!" She yelled.
I hit again.
"Come on. You got to do better than this!"
I hit once more, letting out a little whimper, uncomfortable about the situation.
"Yeah, that is it!" Carly encouraged.
I hit once more, letting out a minor scream.
"There you go! Hit it for every person, every stroke, ever situation and everything that has ever hurt you"
I screamed and hit the bag until I my arms were senseless. I wasn't done though: I pulled back slightly and kicked it time and time again. For every punch and every kick I saw my most painful memories for my inner eye, every beating, every breakdown, every moment of pain that had been brought down on me. It all ended in series of hits and kicks until I was hurting so bad mentally I broke down in tears.

I sank down on the floor, feeling sore in every part of my body, with sweat running over my forehead and the tears just floated as if they would never stop.
Carly sat down and held me until I was done crying, stroking my hair and saying comforting words to me.
"So... What happened to you?" She asked as I stopped sobbing.
"It isn't what has happened... Or it is, but it's more like what is happening and what is going to happen" I whispered.
"Tell me, it will stay between the two of us" She said gently.
I sat up and looked at her with hurting eyes "They beat me. Every single day they beat me" I said with a shaky voice.
"What?" She whispered surprised.
"Yeah I know it's screwed up, but my body tells it all" I said and took off the gloves to show her my bruises. They were almost gone, but she could still see them.
"I had no idea" She said breathlessly.
I pulled my sleeves down again, hugging my legs against my chest as if to protect myself.
"I don't want people to know either. If anyone found out I fear what they would do to me"
"So... Why are you here?"
"Because they think it's me that there's something wrong with, but it's really them. In their eyes they are the perfect parents"
"That is awful!" She said and gave my hand a squeeze.
I nodded "And what about you? Why are you here?"
"I am here by my own free will"
"What?" Now it was my turn to be surprised "Why on earth would you go hear voluntarily?"
"Because I hoped it would calm me down"
"Why would you need to be calmed down?" I asked confused.
"My parents were supposedly killed some time ago... After that I have just gone... crazy! I am convinced they are still alive! I can feel it!"
"How is that even possible?" Now I truly didn't have a clue!
"Because they were abducted! I don't know by who but I will find out. I just hoped this place would help me get more... Sane... so I could solve the mystery"
"Has it worked yet?"
She grinned "Nope! But I get a lot of fresh air and exercise when I'm here"
I shook my head with a laugh "you really are something Carly"
"I know" She said and got up, offering me her hand.
I thankfully accepted it and she pulled me up.
"Let's get back to bed" she said with a smile.

The first couple of nights after Carly had taken me boxing. Whenever I couldn't sleep she went with me, but after a while I started going on my own. It was soothing for some reason... I could kick, hit, scream and cry when I needed to and I felt good afterwards. I slept like a baby because of it.
Daytime wasn't fun though; I had to face that damn Beilschmidt and his stupid whistle he blew at me all the time. I kept comforting myself with him constant bossing me around was better than being home. That was the way I managed to put up with the trouble I constantly placed myself in.

~~~ Ludwig's POV ~~~

I couldn't sleep, I couldn't sleep at all! I looked annoyed at my watch: 1:30 am. Why in the world couldn't I sleep? And what was that banging noise?
I growled annoyed and got out of bed, pulling on a tank top and some sweatpants before walking down the hallway towards the noise. I gently squeezed my thumb and forefinger at the corner of my eyes, trying to wake up a little.
Then I heard screams. A girl's screams! I instantly started to run: There better not be someone fighting or making trouble at this hour!
I turned a corner and located the noise to come from one of the gyms. The door was slightly open and there was light in there. I stopped and listened before going in. I could hear punching and grunts from a female, but no one else. I peeked through the door with a frown: What in the world was she doing up at this hour?
Katja was punching and kicking a sandbag senseless and she didn't seem to hold back anything. There was a lot of power in that girl and at the same time it didn't seem like she did it to work out. Something was wrong... Was she crying?

She kicked the sandbag with a scream and punched it a few timed before sinking down on the floor, ripping off the gloves and placing her face in her hand palms, sobbing lightly. She was crying!
My heartbeat rose. What was I to do? Should I go in? Or should I leave her to it?
She wiped her eyes and got up, placing the gloves where she taken them and walked towards the door. I didn't want to lose face when she saw me in the hallway so I stepped into the room before she got a chance to leave.
"Having trouble sleeping?" I asked, crossing my arms. It was past bedtime after all so she had nothing to do out of bed.
She sighed with a sad face. It hurt my heart to see her like that, but I kept up my appearances as the officer I was.
"Yes" She said quietly.
I grabbed her arm I knew I had stitched together a little more than a week ago and pulled up her sleeve gently. She didn't object anymore when I did that, she only flinched a little at my touch. I couldn't help wondering what had happened to this girl, but it had made her tough somehow. I did not know how to break her and I started to feel more and more reluctant to do so.
"Ve need zu remove those" I said quietly, running my finger over the stitches.
She didn't look at me or reply, she just silently followed me to my office and sat down in the seat I pointed out for her. I grabbed a small scissor in my desk drawer and squatted in front of her, gently pulling her arm out in the light so I could remove the suture.
"Zhis vill definitely leave you vith a scar, but zhat is zhe consequences of having me stitching you up rather zhan a doctor" I said silently as I worked.

As I took out the last piece of suture I rested my hand over the scar and stroke her skin lightly with my thumb. I heard how she took a deep breath and she placed her hand on mine. I looked at her face that was filled with joy and relief.
"Thank you..." She whispered, letting a tear running down her cheek.
I didn't understand, I didn't understand at all! She was always crossing me, being a pain in the ass with Carly and not caring about a thing I do or say.
I looked at her with a frown, clearly stating I didn't understand a thing of what was going on. She smiled sadly when she saw my face and gave my hand on her arm a squeeze.
"Sorry sir... No one ever treat me with this much kindness. I'm sorry I have to be so rough on you..." Then she got up and left.
I just sat there, more confused than ever. Had to? Why on earth did she have to?
That was the last one on one moment I had with her for a month...
Chapter 4 is up people! Yayness! Hope you like... I want to get further into this story so it gets more fun, haha! XD

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
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